Starting in 2014, the one-person-music-project 'Tortured Turtles' creates a mixture of original material and sampled content from digital or analogue media both in songs and artwork, characterized by a good dose of irony. First album release 'Mankind Of Human Madness' started the discography using lyrics from different popular songs accompanied by samples from children’s music and parts from older self-created works. Most recent album 'I'm Livin'Lit' (2020) was made in just a week and is a retrospective to iconic advertisement of the popular fast food chain we all loved when we were children, while the newest EP 'Rave Garvey Collaboration' features six Rave Remixes of Original songs by german band Reamonn's singer Rea Garvey, each track produced by an individual collaborator and was also put together in less than a week.

Handy merch and physical sound recordings with full artwork are available on the Tortured Turtles bandcamp site.